Date: Thursday, May 12, 2022 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Categories: Education Classes*

North San Diego County REALTORS® Presents: ADU’s Power Panelists

Interested in Learning More About ADU’s?

  • How to get started (choosing designer, assessing property, GC, etc)
  • ADU regulations within the County of San Diego
  • Recent ADU changes
  • SB9/ ADU
  • General costs and breakdown for San Diego County
  • Timeline starting from financing to final inspection
  • Financial and personal benefits of ADU"s
  • Tax implications
  • Financing requirements 
  • Criteria for applying for ADU financing 
  • ADU Construction loans vs. Renovation loans
  • Can I build an ADU on my property?
  • Construction Cost vs. Renovation?
Lydell Fleming
San Marcos Mayor           Caitlin Bigelow               Vanessa Pash                  Jordan Marks               Steve Campbell
Rebecca Jones                 Maxable Space              County of San Diego       Taxpayers Advocate     Mountain West Financial
                                                                           Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk